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OD Calculator

August 1, 2016: iOS support for this app has been discontinued as it costs far more in fees from Apple to have the app available for sale than the revenue the app generates.

OD Calculator is an app for Android devices that makes it convenient to calculate the wheel angles for the Digital Juice Orbit Dolly. Available through Google Play, OD Calculator lets you enter the distance between the camera and subject, set the configuration in which you have the Orbit Dolly, and it will tell you the wheel angle to use.

This calculator will not give you angles that precisely match the tables in the manual, but they are within a workable margin of error considering the low granularity of the wheel angle markings. For example, it may give you an angle that's a few tenths of a degree different than the tables in the manual. But, at best you can visually set the wheels to within half of a degree of what the manual states, because the markings are so close together. I've not found the discrepency to make any difference when I use my Orbit Dolly based on this calculator.

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