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Who is Spreading Flames Media?


"Jim was thorough and went the extra mile to produce shots of our equipment functioning rather than just still shots. Impressive! He took many shots using different angles and lighting to give us as much choice as possible."

Diana Mullis, Owner
   Pro Intercom, LLC, Algonquin, IL

"Jim is, hands-down, the most organized video production expert I have ever met. I can guarantee that his planning, organization, and communication will go above and beyond your expectations. From pre-production, to the production itself (and even the way his gear is packaged and stored), to post-production, Jim is always several steps ahead. Rest assured, you will have an impeccably prepared video producer when you hire Jim to handle your video needs. Jim has an incredibly creative mind which becomes obvious from the moment he takes on a video project. He's not afraid to try new things and is able to effectively communicate those ideas to his clients. His excitement is contagious. Jim's attention to detail truly shines when you see his final edits. He delivers quality work. I've heard someone say of Jim, 'is there anything he can't do?'"

Roger Hobbs, Jr., Owner
   Studio Roho, L.L.C.

A Bit About Our Philosophy...

It's about service, not about greatness

Our goal at Spreading Flames Media is first and foremost about serving our clients. It’s not about being the greatest media company on the planet. So when we are exploring a project with you, we’re not thinking about what awesome media technique we can employ. We’re thinking about what your goals are for the project. One we understand your goals and explore the constraints and environment within which we need to reach that goal, then we explore what techniques make the most sense to employ on your project.

If it requires amazing videography or compositing techniques, then that’s what we will pursue. But we aren’t going to waste your money taking you down a road that’s unnecessary. We will focus on how we can meet the project’s goals effectively, within the required time frame, and within the most reasonable budget possible.

We are a small company that brings in extra help for larger shoots and projects. We have no outside office space. This means that our overhead is miniscule, and thus are not charging our clients a higher rate to support facilities and labor costs when times are slower. This has worked extremely well for us, and we have no desire to change it.

Our Clients...

Our clients are also, in many ways, family as well. We are grateful for the relationships we have formed with all of them. Click below to see a list of both past and current clients.

Our Client List

Meet James Kumorek, Owner and Principle...

The owner and principle, James Kumorek, has held a variety of positions before venturing out on his own in 2009 to start Spreading Flames Media. After obtaining a BS degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Purdue, he worked for many years as a software engineer. In 2001, he left the engineering world and took a position at technical director at a large church. Following that, he was managing editor at Church Production Magazine and Worship Facilities Magazine, where he also started doing architectural photography and video production in support of the editorial.

Through all these opportunities, Jim’s experiences in the details of software engineering, writing narratives under immovable deadlines for magazines, and shooting compelling architectural photography and videography positioned him well for launching Spreading Flames Media. He continually learns new techniques and develops skills that transfer to better end-results for his clients.

Additional Testimonials...

"Jim is one of those rare people with far-reaching talent. He can take a project, plan it, manage it, and execute it with precision and an eye on budget. He is an excellent manager of people and gives sound, clear direction. On his own, Jim is simply multi-faceted. Aside from technical expertise with computer systems and programs, he can write, edit, shoot photography and video, produce videos from script to screen, and craft excellent and targeted marketing pieces. Anybody who hires, works with, or works for Jim will experience an attention to detail, a quality of work, and a kindness of heart that will keep them coming back."

Carol Padgett, Editor
   Production Media, Inc.

"When it comes to video production, Jim is a reliable, detail-oriented problem solver. Just let him know what you need and he’ll show you the best and most affordable way to get it done. His ability to plan efficient post-production workflows is a time and cost saver. And his editing skills are off the charts. Plus, he’s calm and easy to work with. Hire Jim! You won’t regret it. "

Sam Hodges, Vice President, Publishing
   Church Initiative

"Jim was very patient in helping my team to navigate creative around a video describing our pharma service in layman's terms. Three years later, it is still one of our top social media viewed pieces of work."

Tom Heck, SVP Clinical Trial Services & Virtual Engagement

"Jim’s creative insights, skills, and drive to build onto his lifetime of knowledge positions him to lead or significantly contribute to any project. His ability extends far past his capacity to produce; he understands team, staff, and management dynamics and navigates projects to success on multiple fronts. Jim is a professional in every way and brings a sense of fun and confidence every time."

David Howell, Executive Pastor
   Crossroads Fellowship Church

“Jim Kumorek made our training video a very useful/detailed tool because he was able to interpret what was required throughout the entire process, without the guidance of a formal script. Jim took charge of the overall video project (created the outline, filmed what was important, conducted all editing, added all the voice over, etc...) and was able to work seamlessly with our technicians and our customer. This was a great experience for SKAN US, and Jim’s in-depth understanding of this entire process was invaluable. SKAN US is very pleased with the outcome of this project. We highly recommend Spreading Flames Media, and Jim Kumorek, to any company considering a project of this nature."

Larry Cabeceiras, President

“I started working with Jim when he was writing for publications and was interviewing us. I appreciated his work so much that when it was our turn to have pieces written for our own purposes, I knew right away who to turn to. Jim is great to work with and consistently overperforms with his timelines!"

Kevin Jones, Director of Sales & Marketing
   Portable Church Industries

"Jim has brought a level of expertise to our projects that has both challenged our team and enhanced the quality of our videos. Reliable and exceptionally professional, Jim is truly a pleasure to work with.”

Joaquin Fernandez, Lead Digital Filmmaker & Producer
   Church Initiative (DivorceCare, GriefShare)

"Jim and his team are dedicated to capturing the essence of our property, spending several days onsite, taking ample time for every shoot, and always listening to our needs & goals."

Leslie Mulcahy, Rabbit Hill Inn

"Jim’s work has always been technically sound, perfect, and outstandingly well planned. Not only does he possess mad camera skills and innovative intellect, he’s always seeking ways to improve the job with his editing prowess. Great leadership skills and dedicated spirit, Jim is a complete joy to work with."

Charlie Breakiron, Owner
   BREAKIRON Animation & Design, Raleigh, NC