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Spreading Flames Media Available for Appointments at WFX Charlotte

October 26, 2009 – Jim Kumorek, owner of Spreading Flames Media, will be available for meeting with Design/Build, A/V/L Consultants, architects and other exhibitors at WFX in Charlotte this week. Founded in 2008, Spreading Flames Media brings years of editorial experience to the creation of compelling media for marketing and public relations purposes.

“Most firms don't need a full Public Relations agency to satisfy their marketing needs,” explains Kumorek. “They already know which publications they want to send press releases to, and are perfectly capable of sending that email themselves instead of paying someone else to do it. What they don't have, and don't need a staff position for, is someone to handle their creative writing, photographic, and video production needs. Spreading Flames Media provides these specialized capabilities on a per-project basis. Whether they need our services once a month or once a year, we are available to help.”

“When an organization is deciding who to contract for their next building project,” Kumorek continues, “they want to hear about other's experiences with the firm they are considering; they want to see that the firm is capable of creating inspiring and creative spaces; and they want to know what the firm is like to work with. Through the case studies we write about a firm's projects, a potential client understands why others have used that firm. Our photography, featured numerous times in Worship Facilities Magazine and Church Production Magazine, creatively shows off a project's highlights and features. And through videos of the firm, or of the firm's architects discussing a project, they get to see the personalities that make that firm a pleasure to work with.”

Spreading Flames Media can generate pieces for your website; for distribution to media outlets; for use in your trade show booth – whatever writing, photography, or video needs you have, Spreading Flames Media can meet that need, with excellence, in a timely fashion, and within your budget. And you own the full rights to whatever Spreading Flames Media produces for you – there is never an additional fee for using the photographs or videos.

Jim is available for appointments on Thursday, October 29th and Friday, October 30th. Call 919-337-3364 to make an appointment.

Media and photography samples are available at www.spreadingflamesmedia.com. Contact Jim Kumorek at 919-337-3364, or email him at james@spreadingflamesmedia.com, to discuss your marketing media needs. Even if there are no immediate needs, he would be thrilled to meet with anyone anticipating the need for marketing help in the future.


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