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Spreading Flames Media's passion is to help you realize your vision for using video, photography and graphic media to further your business goals. Whether your video is for communicating internally to your employees or externally to your customers, we can assist you you with creating a vision for your project, write the script, shoot the video and photographs, and do the post-production editing to bring it all to fruition. Whether you simply need copy or an article written, or need a major video produced, we will be excited to serve you.

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The Services We Provide

Examples of What We Can Do For You

  • Create a marketing video for broadcast or online use
  • Create a vision-casting video for your employees
  • Training videos to reduce the load on your support staff
  • Testimonial videos
  • Event capture to allow those not present to hear your message at a later date
  • Conduct interviews with a customer and create a press release showing how your product or service has benefited that customer

In all circumstances we strive to represent your company as if it were our own. Our interactions with your employees and customers will be thoroughly professional.

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