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One of our great passions is the creation of compelling video. For marketing, text and pictures on your website are all fine, but in our experience, there's nothing like video to get someone excited. Text and pictures can educate someone's mind about you, but video has the power to take that information, and move it 18 inches down into the viewer's heart. Information, coupled with positive emotion, generates a response.

Video is highly effective for internal use as well. We've done documentaries showing how the internal departments of a company affect their client's experience; training videos on the importance of taking the cGMP requirements of the FDA seriously for a pharmaceutical company; capturing an educational seminar so the company can make it available to employees unable to attend in person, and may others.

Call us and let us know what you need!

We can provide any level of video services for you. For example, we can:

  • Work with photography and video you already have or shoot yourself to produce a finished video
  • Do a video shoot with one videographer to capture the media needed to implement your vision
  • Bring a production crew to do more significant scripted video capture for use in your project
  • Create motion graphics and special effects as needed to support your project
  • Provide teleprompter support for your narrative

These are just a few examples of what we can do—we can create a custom package to meet your needs, creative ideas, and budget.

In all cases we use quality equipment for cameras, lighting and audio capture. Video production can't be done well without a solid understanding of audio and lighting. In fact, in more video projects, the audio quality is more important then the video quality for effectiveness. We take all aspects of video production seriously and invest in the equipment needed to do it right.

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